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Kleen-Scrape multi-purpose mat Kleen-Scrape multi-purpose mat
New 5 Years Quarantee
Brand: Kleen-Tex Commecrial Model: Kleen-Scrape
Hard-wearing, 100% rubber, multi-purpose mat.In addition to outdoor uses, the Kleen-Scrape performs outstandingly well in wet areas, changing rooms, kitchens, in front of beverage machines or in production areas. With its variety of features such as grease, oil and solvent resistance, heat and cold ..
Ex Tax:40.90€
Iron-Horse mats Iron-Horse mats
Brand: Kleen-Tex Commecrial Model: Iron Horse
The professional way to stop dirt and moisture from being tracked into your building.Durability and a high capacity for dirt capture make this mat the perfect choice for highly frequented areas such as entrances, corridors, lift doors, and reception desks. A wide color choice will ensure a great mat..
Ex Tax:36.89€
EcoAbsorb mat made with 50% recycled nylon EcoAbsorb mat made with 50% recycled nylon
5 Years Quarantee Pre-Order
Brand: Kleen-Tex Commecrial Model: EcoAbsorb
EcoAbsorb is a super absorbent and highly durable, eco-friendly mat that is perfect for use in busy public entrances and high foot traffic areas.This professional, functional entrance mat that has been engineered to reduce its impact on the Environment. Using Renycle™ 50 (50% recycled nylo..
Ex Tax:40.16€
Car Protector Set Car Protector Set
2 Years Quarantee Washable up to 30 °C
Brand: Kleen-Tex Commecrial Model: Auto pakiruumi kaitsematt
Protects the boot lining from dirt and mud left by pets, sports equipment, tools, tip runs and many other things we often carry around in our vehicles. Choose from two recommended fabric types designed to absorb and trap dirt, mud, debris and many other contamination types, with an impervious r..
Ex Tax:99.17€
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