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Payment methods

Payment for goods in the Exitsport.eu e-shop:

In our e-shop, you can pay for your goods in cash, by bank transfer (on the invoice), via bank links.

Credit card payment method:


The payment is made using a secure payment system

In the shopping cart page, select the appropriate "Payment method" and the payment instructions will open in the lower part of the page according to your choice.

Payment by bank transfer:

Select the appropriate "Bank Link" if you wish to pay by bank link

The payment is made using a secure payment system

Below you can see a selection of links to different banks. Select the link of your home bank and you will be redirected to pay. If the payment is successful, the bank will display a message "Back to merchant". After clicking on this link, the information about the successful payment will be sent to our e-shop. You will be notified by email when your order has been successfully placed. Payment by bank transfer allows us to process your order as quickly as possible.


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