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Pool filter pump water flow 3.03 m3/h
Brand: Poolstar Model: Basseini filterpump 3.03 m3/h
Pool filter pump water flow 3.03 m3/hPump + filtration function. Power 60 W. Compact design. Water flow 3.03 m3/h. For pools up to 20 m3This filtration group is a formidable ally for any above ground swimming pool owner. It is composed of an integrated 60W pump and tank containing the filtering..
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PureFlow® Cartridge filters PureFlow® Cartridge filters
Model: PureFlow® CARTRIDGE filtrid 10 cm pumbale
PureFlow Cartridge Become independent of manufacturers. Our innovative CARTRIDGE filters are ingeniously simple, su-per flexible and individually adaptable. With our worldwide new filter system, you can quickly and effectively replace almost all filter cartridges in whirlpools, frame pools, qui..
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