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Duo Chopper Duo Chopper
Model: GO KART Chopper väntadega
Playing together is more fun than playing on your own! That’s why we now have the BERG Duo Chopper BF. This cool go-kart has two seats so that two people can tear around on this go-kart. The co-rider’s seat can be removed so that the co-rider can stand on the platform and lean into the corners. The ..
Ex Tax:665.83€
Model: Kartauto SPORT
EXIT Cheetah go-kart - blackThe EXIT Cheetah is a cool go-kart for children between the ages of 5 and 12. The go-kart is manoeverable, easy to steer, lightweight and thanks to its adjustable seat, the go-kart can be used by kids of different ages. Make your go-kart unique with the stickers that come..
Ex Tax:290.83€
Model: pedaalidega auto FOXY
The EXIT Foxy Go-Kart is suitable for children from the age of two! Even very young kids can safely use this sturdy go-kart, tearing through bends and criss-crossing streets.            User comfort:Because the EXIT Foxy has a small turning circ..
Ex Tax:124.17€
Brand: EXIT Toys Model: Foxy Club valge
Ex Tax:132.50€
Brand: EXIT Toys Model: pedaalidega auto Spider
The EXIT Spider Go-Kart is a super cool go-kart for children, aged 3-8 years. The Spider is light in weight and easy to drive; ideal for young children! This go-kart has a wide age range due to the adjustable seat!Ease of use:The EXIT Spider is very agile and therefore easy to handle because it has ..
Ex Tax:207.50€
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